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Are Millennials more prone to Substance Addiction?

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Though drug and substance abuse does not choose people selectively and according to their caste, creed, ethnicity, and other demographic, but certain age groups are more likely to fall in the lure of drug and substance abuse. Treatment for Suboxone addiction Taunton has provided a very grave picture, which actually suggests that there is a specific demographic which is more prone to give in to drugs and other substances. 

This age demographic primarily comprises millennials. Millennials are those who have been born through the year 2000. Dedicated research by a number of suboxone clinics shows a very harrowing statistic. It has been established that opioid and opiate substance-related fatalities are highest amongst millennials. While the rate of fatal overdoses, including opioids and opiates, escalated by 500% in the case of millennials, the rate of overdoses linked to synthetic opioids skyrocketed to a massive 6000% in their case. 

Reasons why millennials are plagued by substance addiction

Suboxone treatment centers Taunton points out that more or less every millennial is currently aged between 15 to 35, and this is mainly one of those age brackets where people are more vulnerable to fall prey to drug and substance abuse. The millennials are generally branded as a narcissistic generation who are absorbed in themselves and technologies and have little or no empathy for others. While this kind of tag is quite a cliché, it is also true that the millennials are battling with a lot of issues that force them to try and search for ways of escape. 

The adolescent brain is particularly vulnerable to substance and drug abuse because of its inability to deal with things in a proper, moderated fashion and the tendency to take risks. Sublocade treatment centers near your place will always report a large number of millennials who are generally angst-ridden. These millennials also indicate an overwhelmingly large number of anxiety disorder, ADHD, and several mood disorder cases, including depression.

All of these are acting as triggers which force millennials to give in to opioid and opiate-based drugs and substances to get an easy way out. Often, there are cases where millennials try to self-medicate themselves using narcotic substances whose actions are not entirely clear to them. Hence, Suboxone treatment clinics Taunton are suggesting that they are falling prey to the addiction of such drugs and substances and finding it difficult to escape their clutches.  

Millennial deaths explained by suboxone treatment doctors Taunton

It is a very distressing thing that we are getting more and more accustomed to the phrase: deaths of despair. It is, in fact, not a coincidence that the millennials form the leading age group, which is succumbing to fear, hopelessness, and despair. Suboxone treatment clinics Taunton has testified that there are a lot of factors that are hurling the millennials towards these situations of hopelessness and despair and finally triggering the need to get wasted and give in to a life of drug and substance abuse. 

Suboxone treatment doctors Taunton have paid particular attention to bringing these factors to your notice. These are listed below.

Economic stress:

A number of underlying causes like crushing student debts, growing unemployment, difficulties in establishing a career, high costs of housing and healthcare, loss of potential income and the proliferating costs of raising young children within a meager income, is causing the mental health conditions of millennials to take a skydive. As a result, drugs and substance abuse seems a normal coping mechanism for them to deal with this increased stress. 

Social media:

The millennials are the part of the population which are forgetting social, familial, and communal ties and reducing interpersonal relationships. They are more focused on their social media accounts on various popular platforms where they engage with people, characters, and entities virtually.

This is causing a lack of empathy and a shortage of values in them while deepening their existential crises. The social media addiction is leading them to spend more time with their phone and computers, and this is causing a spike in their envy when one of their social media peers has access to something which they do not possess. As a result, they are falling prey to drugs and substances to stifle their envy and improve their virtual aesthetic and state of being. 

Desensitization to Drugs

A lethal combination of pop culture and the gradual reduction of regulations and legislatures related to drugs and substances has made these more acceptable to the millennials. Treatment for Suboxone addiction is a common issue now that drug and substance usage is not viewed as a taboo by adolescents.

Therefore, this desensitization has led the millennials to be more exposed to potentially harmful chemicals like opioids and opiates and other substances which are slowly feeding on their despair and overall hopelessness. Since drug usage and substance abuse no longer seem to have serious implications for them, the millennials are developing miserable substance abuse disorders, which are often leading to their downfall and demise. 

Treatment options

The drug and substance abuse problem has crept up in the majority of the millennial population, and simply searching online for sublocade near me or suboxone doctors near me will not provide a long-term and lasting solution. Their guardians, peers, and well-wishers have to coax them to take help from reputed suboxone treatment centers Taunton if they are reluctant to seek help themselves.

Getting admitted to proper residential Suboxone clinics will improve their chances of turning over a new leaf and have a fresh start to their life. Medicative, cognitive and therapeutic techniques have already proven to be successful in battling with long-drawn substance abuse issues in patients and will hopefully end this growing concern with the millennials.

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