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Why Should You Not Hide Your Substance Abuse Problem?

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Admitting to drug addiction is not easy for addicts and is not something that most of them readily do. According to the Suboxone treatment clinics Taunton, many individuals have difficulty accepting that their substance abuse has gone beyond control and spiraled into a full-blown addiction. Instead, addicts often go to a great extent to keep their addiction a secret from their loved ones. Unfortunately, attempting to hide addiction and being successful often keeps the addicts in the substance abuse cycle for more extended periods.

Why do a vast majority of addicts invest time and effort to hide their addiction from others?


Denial is one major factor in hiding drug use and attempting to assure oneself that they are in control of their drug abuse. Many addicts feel ashamed of their dependence on drugs. Many others believe that ignoring the dependence will make them get better, says the medical expert team at the Suboxone treatment centers Taunton.

Feeling ashamed

Hiding substance abuse problems is common among the addicts because they are ashamed to come out and admit to others that drugs have gotten the better of them. The stigma attached to addiction is somewhere responsible for keeping the addicts away from seeking professional rehabilitation assistance.

While there are other reasons like being afraid of legal repercussions, being fearful of dealing with their feelings without drugs, etc. for not admitting to substance abuse, these two are the most important ones, feel the Suboxone treatment doctors Taunton.

Reasons to refrain from hiding an addiction problem:

Only you hold the power of getting out of addiction. The decision to embrace sobriety or seek treatment will rest with you, and the first step towards it is accepting that you are an addict, says the Suboxone clinics near me. Accepting an addiction problem and seeking help instead of hiding it has several other perks like:

It helps in improving physical health:

Being open about addiction and finding recovery can help avoid the gradual destruction of organs and buildup of toxins caused by constant substance abuse. The Suboxone doctors say that timely acceptance and recovery enables you to undo the damage caused by various substances in your body. You may fail to see the effects of those substances right now, but it can lead to you spending your later years in misery. So it is better to make a change now than regret later.

It helps in improving mental health:

If you have any underlying mental illness, substance abuse is only going to worsen it. Substances change the structure of your brain over time, slowly altering your personality. Using drugs to cope with any mental illness only causes further damage, warns the Suboxone clinics. Being open about addiction and getting help allows you to develop real-time coping mechanisms to combat anxiety, panic, depression, etc. without giving in to drugs.

It helps in improving financial status:

Nothing destroys your finances, like substance use / addictive behavior. Did you ever calculate the cost incurred in buying substances? Do you ever think about all the legal fees you could face in the future? The Suboxone doctors near me say that you’ll be amazed to see the financial stability you gain if you take the reins in your hand through acceptance and recovery.

Suboxone treatment doctors Taunton

It helps in improving familial and social relationships:

You may believe that you succeeded in keeping addiction a secret, but you weren’t. The Suboxone centers near me claim that the loved ones almost always have an idea about your addiction, but the constant lies, trust issues, anger, secrets, etc. impact your relationship with them. The only way to restore the reputation that you damaged by making poor choices due to drugs’ influence is to have an honest conversation with them and be open about your addiction and your willingness to recover.

It allows space for other activities:

Substance abuse takes up most of the space of an addict’s life. If you are open about addiction, you can treat it by seeking help and cultivate healthy activities like sports, art, and various other hobbies during those times that were earlier occupied by drugs. Being open about it allows you to rebuild yourself and gives you the chance to accomplish things.

It allows you to stay out of dangers:

Overdose is no small concern. Though Suboxone and Sublocade treatment are meant to ward off your opioid dependence, Sublocade withdrawal is something doctors are apprehensive about. It results from the misuse of the medication. Substance-related deaths and even medication misuse-induced fatalities occur to thousands of individuals every day. Your immediate survival by staying out of danger is the most important reason to be open about addiction. Being honest about addiction enables you to take steps toward sobriety, and your life depends on it.

With the growth of the holistic drug de-addiction plans and services and the reduction in the Sublocade price, there is much hope for the patients to have a better future.

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