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Methadone vs. Suboxone: How Suboxone Treatment Centers Taunton Helps Overcome Drug Abuse

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To cut opioid craving, opioids are prescribed. This might sound a little surprising; however, the fact is that opioid medication can permanently resolve the chronic pain a patient suffers. Meanwhile, there is also a high chance of dependence leading to addiction but not under suboxone treatment doctors

The most common type of medication includes Methadone and Suboxone, which are both opioid. Methadone is used to treat chronic pain and disorders. Suboxone treatment doctors Taunton have been successfully treating patients with severe opioid dependence for a long-time. 

As you stick with the article, we’ll focus on the difference between Methadone and Suboxone.

Drug Feature


Methadone is a generic drug. It is used to treat opioid addiction and chronic pain. However, this medication falls under Schedule II controlled substances. Likewise, there’s also a high risk of withdrawal when taking the medication. Methadone comes in various forms

  • Oral tablet
  • Oral solution
  • Oral concentrate
  • Injectable solution


Suboxone is typically a brand name of the medication consisting of Buprenorphine/ Naloxone. This medication falls under the Schedule II controlled substance. Further, suboxone treatment centers Taunton use this medication to treat opioid dependence. However, there is undoubtedly a risk of withdrawal when taken under self-guidance.

Suboxone comes in an oral film that can be dissolved under the tongue or placed beside the cheek and gums.

Medication Availability

Both the drugs being Schedule II type, there are definitely restrictions. As mentioned above, Methadone is used for treating chronic pain relief and is available in only selected pharmacies. Both of the medications are used for the detoxification of opioid. To know the overall process, you can simply Google “suboxone clinics near me.” 

Suboxone treatment clinics Taunton runs detoxification programs to cleanse the body and get rid of the drug. Most of the patients face withdrawal symptoms at this phase. Also, the symptoms aren’t life-threatening but can be initially uncomfortable. 

At this point, Suboxone helps reduce drug cravings. Both Methadone and Suboxone use different ways to manage the obsession. 

Treatment using Suboxone

Suboxone treatment centers Taunton includes experienced doctors. Depending on the patients’ condition, doctors plan the treatment process. Some may necessitate several weeks, while others take months. The patient is closely monitored and may be asked to visit the center to observe the drug consumption process. 

If you’re allowed to take medication at home, doctors may allot only a few doses. If things look positive, your doctor may allow you to manage treatment under your family or friends. 

Side Effects

Like any other form of medication, Suboxone treatment also comes with a list of side effects. These are temporary and move away as you recover. Here we mention some of the common effects

  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness
  • Nause
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Blurry vision

Some of the severe side effects include

  • Addiction
  • Severe breathing problems
  • Allergic reaction
  • Liver problems
  • Opioid withdrawal

Remember, taking more than the prescribed limit causes drug overdose. This might be fatal; thus, your treatment procedure will be changed as per the allotment.


Both the medication are opioids and cause addiction as well as symptoms. Likewise, Methadone has a higher risk of misuse than Suboxone. Typically, withdrawal from Suboxone can last for several months, depending upon the patients’ condition.


There is a price difference between both the drugs. Sublocade price can be a little expensive as compared to Methadone. Meanwhile, many insurance companies require prior authorization. What that means is, your doctor needs to give approval from the insurance company for the payment of the medication. 

For more price specifications, you can simply Google “sublocade doctors near me.” 

Talk With The Doctor

Before you go for any treatment, it’s always best to seek a doctor’s help. With the assistance of technology, you can always fix an appointment with the best doctors in Taunton. If you are not a tech-savvy individual, you can find out by simply searching “Suboxone doctors near me.”  

If you are searching for a center, then browse for “suboxone treatment centers near me.” You’ll find plenty of trained doctors and clinics who will help you recover. They’ll recommend the best drug to keep you stay healthy. 

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